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RaZaR website

Shaun - Lead Vocals

My love for singing started pretty early on with hymns at primary school every

morning and no one's been able to shut me up since. I pretended to do a performing arts college course which got me up on stage and taught me how to control my diaphragm! All this time I was picking up various instruments, attaining rookie status in each case. I featured in the short lived and very un-PC-ly named hardcore outfit "Domestic Violence" and various open mic nights with mates or solo with a six-string. In 1998 I was drafted in to play bass with "Cable Co" but left in 2004 to travel the world, only to return a few years later. In 2007 I answered my true calling, taking the roll of lead singer in "RaZaR."


Van - Guitar

I started playing guitar at the age of 13 while in my 3rd year of secondary school.  After 10 years of bedroom practice I joined my first band, "Cable Co," with whom I still play. Over the years my collection of guitars has grown to almost 40 instruments. My influences and heroes include Hendrix, SRV, Knopfler, Satriani,Vai, Gilmore and Eric Johnson, to name but a few. I generally gig with Ibanez JS models, strung with D'Addario EXL100's (10-46's). The rest of my regular gear includes Blackstar amps, Orange speaker cabs, Boss effects and a Cry Baby wah-wah pedal.


Andy - Drums

I picked up my first percussion instrument (tambourine) aged thirteen while

listening to my Father's swing/jazz 78rpm records. My first drum kit was a cheap Olympic, played in various school and youth club bands. My first serious band was called "Orange Peakoe." This was an originals group (not covers) but after numerous personnel and name changes the band folded without commercial success. On to "The Rejects," a Bath based band whose attempts at fame followed "OP." By now I had upgraded to a Gretsch kit, bought new in 1971 and still going strong. I started playing with the legendary "Fred Stoat And The Rodents Of Swing," a band dedicated to fun and good music..... blues, rock and anything that took our fancy. The band was the local equivalent of "John Mayall's Blues Breakers" with anyone who was any good playing during the twenty odd years of gigging. Skip a few years and various guest appearances and I find myself in a blues outfit called "Killing Time," where I met John (original "RaZaR" bass player). After a couple of years we decided it was time for a change and I drafted in my two nephews (Van and Shaun) on a permanent basis. This line up became "RaZaR."


Caz - Bass

My introduction to playing music began at school where I started out on recorder and clarinet. I finally came to my senses and started to learn the guitar. I soon joined my first band, "Incognito," mainly doing Elvis covers. After leaving school I took 25 gap years from music but a few years ago I joined a guitar group and it was here that I first picked up a bass. From that guitar group the band "Disc-Cover" was formed and after a personnel change we became "One Dog Down." We played a few open mic events and it was at such an event that I met Gary French (of "Gary French & the Rhythm Method") who proved to be my greatest influence.Through his patience and encouragement I am doing what I do today. In 2010 I joined the blues band "Black Magic Woman" and then "Dead Flowers." In 2012 I was in the right place at the right time when the position of "RaZaR" bass player became available.




Former Members;


John - Bass

One of the founder members of RaZaR, John left in December of 2010 to play for Bridgwater based soul band "Franklyn Street."


Gordon - Bass

Gordon left in December of 2011 to concenrate on other projects.